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omfg that is just too adorable

i can show you the world

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DESIGN: The Coffee-Making Alarm Clock

We need this because reasons. This one’s for the coffee drinkers amongst you - British designer Joshua Renouf has come up with a coffee making alarm clock which can wake you up with a fresh cup of joe.

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apologetic notes for the socially inept

Sometimes I want to apologize for not being able to talk to people like a normal human being. So I made these.

I wish I could send one of these to everyone I know, to apologise for babbling incessantly about absolutely nothing, just because I’m lonely…

The story of Clint Barton’s life…

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"I am both happy and completely miserable, without the happy part!"

— Morte, Planescape: Torment

Favorite Ladies in Video Games

To celebrate women in games, list your top 10 favorite ladies in video games and tag 5 people to do the thing too. Let’s spread the love of gaming women.

Stole it from pierceaholic!

And here’s the list of my favoriteladies:

  1. Viconia DeVir (Baldur’s Gate series)
  2. Morrigan (Dragon Age: Origins)
  3. Tali’Zorah (Mass Effect series)
  4. Bethany Hawke (Dragon Age 2)
  5. Fall-from-Grace (Planescape: Torment)
  6. SHODAN (System Shock series) well, she’s AI but think she counts as a woman! :P
  7. Elizabeth (Bioshock Infinite)
  8. Liara T’Soni (Mass Effect series)
  9. Flemeth (Dragon Age series)
  10. Sarah Kerrigan (Starcraft series)

Not going to tag anyone, sorry. But feel free to post your favorite ladies list!


I’ve played a lot of Ultima Online. It’s an incredibly unique multiplayer game, to the point of excess and wastefulness in game design. There’s just TOO MUCH GAME, too many ways to divide your skills, too many things to buy that serve so little a purpose in the almost 20 years it’s been existing….





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How the Logic of "Friendzoning" Would Work If Applied in Other Instances:

  • *Man walks into a store and finds employee*
  • Man: Alright, I've had enough. Why haven't you guys hired me?!
  • Employee: Uh...well sir, when did you put in your application?
  • Man: I never filled out an application.
  • Employee: Well sir, we can't consider you for employment if you've never filled out an application.
  • Man: No, that's bullshit, because I've been coming here for years now, and every single time I tell you all how much I love this store and how much I appreciate your customer service, unlike some of your other customers might I add!
  • Employee: Well, but that doesn't-
  • Man: AND I even told you that I didn't have a job!
  • Employee: But sir, that doesn't indicate to us that you would like a job at our store. And again, if you've never filled out an application, we can't consider you. Besides, we're not hiring.
  • Man: OH! Not hiring, HA! What a laugh. I see your store go through seasonal workers all the time. They come and go like nothing, but you won't consider me as a part-time employee even though I KNOW you've been looking for workers to fill positions? That's insane!
  • Employee: Sir, we've been looking to hire a few people for management positions. Do you have any management experience?
  • Man: Well no, but what does that matter?
  • Employee: ...Well sir, that's what we're looking for. You won't be suitable for the position without management experience.
  • Man: Oh that's such a load of crap. You know, you'll be waiting around a long time for a manager if you don't lower your standards a little. Who cares if someone knows how to manage a store? I LOVE this store and I'm willing to work here, that's all that should matter to you.
  • Employee: That...doesn't make any sense.
  • Man: NO! I'm done. This is over. From now on, no more Mr. Nice Guy.
  • Employee:
  • Man:
  • Employee:
  • Man: Fuck you, slut.

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